• Basic Food Photography Advice For Bloggers


    Basic Food Photography Advice For Bloggers
    If you love food and want to share your recipes with your readers you might think that the only way is to buy an expensive SLR camera - Truth is, any camera makes the cut if used properly. Food Photography goes beyond equipment, you need just the right balance of styling, lighting and enthusiasm.

    Herewith my secret potion:

    Use Optical Zoom
    Your point and shoot camera should have great optical zoom features. The optical zoom will allow you to frame your food well and it will produce a higher quality food image. Most affordable cameras come with a 10.1 digital zoom. Now, you have to pay attention. When you zoom in you will see a line dividing the levels of zoom between optical and digital. Learn more about the two here.

    Use a Tripod
    A point and shoot camera is usually slow and not matter how steady your hands are when taking a picture your hands will always shake. A tripod offers the steadiness you need, it makes your photos sharp and all the edges clear.

    Use Natural Light
    People will say, whenever possible use natural light... I say with a point and shoot. Always, use natural light. Use the natural lighting as a way to compliment the look of your food. Do not take the photograph if you are directly in front of the sunlight. You always want the natural light to be at the backside of your food. Another great tip when using natural light. Shoot between 8:00am and 10:00am just before the sun is shinning at its best.

    Dim that light !
    Use a white sheet or see-through curtain to dim the harshness of the light and give your photos a better perspective without adding shadows. When the light comes from an artificial source or the natural light is too harsh your food can look overly greasy and unappealing.

    One of the best tips I've learned is to learn to style the scene. Try using more than one prop, different color plates or interesting tools but keep the focus on the food.

    Make it look delicious
    Always clean up the edges of the plates, keep vegetables colorful and crisp and (as per my experience). Set up and then cook. I am big on rustic cooking and rustic-looking food photography. Don't over-do the embellishments, fake grill marks and plastic cheese are not an option.

    Take your time
    You should shoot from every angle and trying different focus points. That's why you should style and then shoot. I use programs and equipment that allows me to transfer the images to my screen and review them at a big scale I then take more photos of the angles that look the best but if you don't have that option, always take lots of photos.

    When processing your photos
    Don't over-do the effects, try to keep it as clean and you can and try not to use any of the default camera effects like "antique" "sunrise" or else. Use normal settings and optical zoom only.

    Just like you would with any other hobby or art form. It takes practice to master good photos, specially with a point and shoot camera because it's tricky. Take a lot of photos and be patient

    Photographs property of Line Klein

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