• How To Set A Healthy Evening Working Routine


    How To Set A Healthy Evening Working Routine
    Ever since I was in Uni I enjoyed studying and working on projects at nigh because it was quiet and the possibilities of getting interrupted by anything (except the garbage truck) where very slim. I don't know if it's that I'm a little A.D.D. but when I get interrupted it's very difficult for me to re-take that point where I stopped and just move forward.

    Now that I'm getting older I'm trying to make it a priority to sleep more. When I say that, I mean sleep 8 hours like a normal person as opposed to sleeping 4 like I'm used to. My reasons and motivations are plenty but being fully awake to be with Emma is the strongest one I can mention... Ok! Also aging gracefully is a concern.

    Being a methodical creature, I have worked out a system that fits my life as a globe. It allows me to be a lot more productive in my daily routines to cavort at home with Emma and partake in some serious work scheming at night. This might work for you too.

    1. Before I even start my projects, I gather all the things I will need to work. That includes coffee (to get my creative juices going), a watch, a notebook (how genius is that one?), pencils and anything that would make me comfortable.

    2. I set my timer and stick to working only 2 hours at night. You'd think this would make somebody stressed of rushed but in my case it makes focus. If I know I have 2 hours to work I know leaving all distractions behind is a must and I'm able to decipher codes a lot quicker when the clock is ticking. What now?

    3. I keep a notebook in case my mind is haunted with other ideas while I work. It is kind of a trashcan for me. e.g. If I'm working for a client who owns I catering business, my brain can't help but think about what to serve for Emma's birthday. Basically the notes keep me from wandering about any other programs or sites on my computer and reminds me of getting my act together and finally making some serious party-planning.

    4. I always work with sufficient light, I already wear glasses but the thought of damaging my eyes any further pains me. It is also proven that the lack of light causes stress and headaches and nobody is a fan of those, right?

    5. The morning after is for damage control. (This also works if you had a "tapas" night and copious glasses of "vino" the previous night). After scouting for all kinds of creams last year as I approached 26 I found that Orlane's Anegese 25+ was truly one of the things I needed in my skincare routine, precisely because I was working at night so much. It is tiny and pricey but I only use a drop every morning after cleansing my skin and it works wonders on puffy eyes and sleepy faces in general.

    My main advice is that you only stay up late if you truly have to. There's nothing that can help you recover your precious time of rest and not sleeping well can take it's toll on the strongest person alive. I've learned to be wise with my time and say NO to my urge of getting things done so quickly.

    Any tips you want to share?

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