• Music Monday


    Music Monday
    This mix should probably be called "songs I'm ashamed to share". So yes, I've been so sick lately that I feel in love with these tunes. No judging, right? Making this mix reminded me of so many songs from the 90's I used to listen to, Tori Amos was on the top of my list and she deserves a spot in my next "All Mixed Up" edition. I bet you can't wait.

    Please... No comments on "Ain't No Sunshine". Let's just enjoy it. Blog Milk (blushing) Presents:

    All Mixed Up
    01 Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
    02 Bloodstream - Stateless
    03 Bombs - Golden Gate
    04 Calgary - Bon Iver
    05 Give Me love - Ed Sheeran
    06 Rootless Tree - Damien Rice
    07 So Cold - Ben Cocks
    08 Mornings - Portugal The Man
    09 Wicked Game - Uknown

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