• Music Monday ?


    Music Monday ?
    I'm dying to go on a road trip, friends. It's been rainy and blue around here and the possibilities of that happening any time soon are very* slim. I decided to give myself a little push with this mix and try to patiently wait for the right time. Patience doesn't come easy for me but I must admit it's helped. A few months ago I went on a coastal road trip and drove vintage van that smelled like the 1970's (sigh)... and by vintage I mean falling-apart-old. I loved it. Maybe it's just that I've been spending too much time indoors lately but I'm desperate need of fresh air and sightseeing. With no more ado, Blog Milk presents:

    Road Trip (how creative):
    01 Myth - Beach House
    02 Genesis - Grimes
    03 True Romance - Citizens!
    04 Everything Happens For The First Time - Eli Mardock
    05 Neptune - Lemonade
    06 The Clapping Song - Shirley Elis
    07 A Real Hero - College
    08 Marathon Runner - Yellow Ostrich
    09 This Will Be Our Year - Memory House
    10 Forest Gump - Frank Ocean

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