• 3 simple steps that will change the way you blog


    3 simple steps that will change the way you blog
    If you've been reading my blog long enough you'll notice that I have already in one way or another spoken about the things I'm about to mention now, but since Q+A's, Blog Conversations and Tip Posts are fairly long, I decided to search for 3 basic things to turn your blog around that have helped me and transformed me; not only as a blogger but which have also made a difference in my personal life.

    01. Be Positive:
    No matter what you're blogging about and how real you are in your posts, always be positive. Encourage your readers by example even if you're sharing something personal - a trial, a problem or simply venting. Find a positive thing and share your experiences in a light-hearted way so that your blog is always enjoyable and people understand where you're coming from. Remember that we all have our own issues and challenges and most of the time we too are looking for someone to shed some light on things.

    02. Be Curious:
    Yes, I do apply this to life as well because it is that big question mark over your head what drives you to learn, read and inform yourself about things that can potentially change your life. If you want to always offer good content, be informative and style both your blog and posts in a way that reflects you and what you stand for. Be curious. Use the internet to your advantage and apply what you learn to your blog.

    03. Be Resourceful:

    Since I spend my days (and nights) working on blogs and meeting wonderful bloggers all over the world, I have learned to sense what Bloggers worry the most about. The main concern is, "How do I better my blog if I cannot attend conferences?... I don't have a DSLR camera, a super interesting life or creative friends to help me out". All I can say is MAKE DO. It doesn't matter how little or how much you have. It is not really about that. (Because honestly even having the best equipment and resources you still need to learn how to use them), but rather about how much effort you put into your work your way of thinking. I advise you to think outside the box. Work with what you have. Start being picky with the photos you choose to share, offer good content, tutorials etc... and always put an emphasis in those things you do well. If you come across a piece of interesting information, share it. Be wise and never stop believing in yourself.

    I hope these little tips help you. Please leave a comment if there's anything that you've learned that could potentially change the way we blog or see our lives as a bloggers... and if you cannot think of anything, let us know what you admire the most in a blogger/blog.


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