• Blogobsessed: India Rose


    Blogobsessed: India Rose
    Sometimes you sit down to work and the intention fades away when all of a sudden you are lost in someone else's blog. Productiveness, out the window while you girl-crush, blog-crush, clothes-crush and all other types of "crush".
    This happens to be some times (ok, ok! all the time.) so I decided "blogobsessed" is becoming a thing - just as me not properly separating words has become a new thing. What can I say the Private School system has failed me.

    I came across India Rose's site last night and I spent several . . . (might be minutes, might be hours) lurking around and falling hard for everything she wears. I recommend you go stalk her, and by that I evidently mean check out her blog.

    Photos property of India Rose.

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