• Music Monday


    Music Monday
    2014 Has been a blur for me so far. Time-wise I had been on "survive" mode for the longest time so taking a break was on the top of my list this weekend. That blissful break resulted in one full day of lounging, magazine-reading, tea-drinking and searching for new music... And that, brings us to my favorite words to write on a Monday morning.

    Blog Milk presents: 1/2014
    01 Pedestrian - Nitetails
    02 Special Problems - Gems
    03 Water Me - FKA Twigs
    04 Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
    05 Line by Line - The Walkmen
    06 Icarus - Bastille
    07 Oblivion - Bastille
    08 Paralysis - Young The Giant
    09 Meduza - Gems
    10 Instant Crush - Daft Punk (ft Julian Casablancas)

    Click on the image above and enjoy!
    Happy week.

    i m a g e

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