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    Eat Healthy
    Life has been specially busy lately, I'm still struggling with time-management and recovering for catching the newest bug going around in Northeast Brazil, ah! the joys of living in the paradise. With all the running around and catching up I've had to do, eating healthy and having a consistent workout routine hasn't been a priority.

    I'm one of those annoying people who love the start of a week. I thrive on Mondays, true fact. I love feeling like it's all starting over and that I get a chance to make adjustments to get better at what I do, from my job to all the little life things I have going on... All that to say this latest project by the lovely Line Klein has inspired me to eat healthier this week and make sometime for myself and my workouts.

    Line took personal trainer's Anne Bech cookbook photos and let me just say. Yes! That's what eating healthy should look like, every time. May next week be beautiful and kind to all of us.

    Photography: Line Klein

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